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On-Message Public Relations

7 Rules of Client-Focused PR

We never lose sight of
your business goals

To ensure it, we design and execute PR strategies guided by seven principles. We don't simply talk about focusing on your objectives. It's the way we run client PR programs and manage our teams.

  • We conduct PR for one reason -- to build your business.

  • We ensure that every PR tactic relates to a business goal.

  • Without strategy, we're just a "smile & dial" agency.

  • Without press coverage, we're just a press release factory.

  • We will hype no product, service or technology before its time.

  • We always ask, "What's the biggest bang we can get a client?"

  • And (just in case) we always prepare, "What's the worst thing they could write?"

When a PR program adheres to these rules, it drives your business -- and generates the greatest return on your PR investment.


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