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On-Message Public Relations

The Power of the Right Word

Words are like boomerangs

Carefully chosen and delivered, words can have great effect on their intended targets. Just as surely, ill-considered words can boomerang.

In business, the right words have the power to shape opinions and influence decisions others make about your enterprise -- and not come flying back at you.

Like a skillfully thrown boomerang, On-Message articulates language that positions your company and showcases you to the world. From our communication strategy to every PR activity, we ensure the right words reach your key audiences -- and achieve their desired impact.

Boomerangs and words both are as old as civilization. But while "throwing sticks" appeared 15,000 years ago, the aerodynamics of how they fly or why they return is poorly understood even today.

When tossing words around, the physics is abundantly clear. Planning what to say, and how to say it, pays huge dividends. We never lose sight of that, and build The Power of the Right WordTM into every On-Message program.



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