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On-Message Public Relations

Working with On-Message

Don't take our word for it.

Get a sense of how it is to work with the professionals of On-Message from people who know them first hand.

Business first, then PR
On-Message worked to understand our business first, and only then proposed tailor-made PR strategies to help solve our business challenges -- not the other way around. From the client perspective, OMPR's Seven Principles are right on target.

—Patricia Pomerleau, Founder, CEOExpress
Named a Best of the Web financial portal by Forbes Magazine

The Power of the Right WordTM
Our agency team coined the concept of an "inside track," repositioning us a critical link in how to develop and deploy wireless apps rapidly. By redefining our role, they moved our market perception from one of "marginal software" to a vital element for driving business benefits and outcomes.

—George Faigen, former VP of Marketing, Broadbeam Corporation
Enterprise wireless for companies with large mobile fleet services

On-Message, for good reason
"On-Message" is more than an agency name, it's a way of thinking and doing business. We're all sensitive to how we communicate our business strategy -- both inside and outside the company. You can hear it in our language -- as in, "OK, that's on-message" or "That doesn't work, it's off-message.

—Greg Yurek, Chairman & CEO, American Superconductor
Leading developer of advanced electricity solutions

Press coverage that counts
I've never seen news coverage like you obtained for us -- our story has never been captured as accurately as this article does.

—Stephen Bayle, COO, QuestionExchange.com
"eBay for tech support"


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